How’s my blogging?


When I was in my 20s, I’d get a new blank journal every year and commence to writing on January 1. New year, new journal, new start. The first entry invariably would be all about how I was going to journal every day, sweartaGod. I’d keep up for several days–sometimes even writing TWO entries in one day. Then, I’d skip a day. Then two. Then a month later,”I haven’t written in a while.” Then…silence.

I’m in danger of repeating that here. It’s been a bit since I wrote on here (I’ll let you scroll down a little to the previous entry and do the math for yourself), but I’m more concerned this time around about how I’m doing on my resolutions, which I listed on the first entry of this blog, than I am on the blogging in and of itself. Let’s tally the score:

1. Be nicer. I’m already pretty nice, but I think I’ve made a little improvement. Occasionally I find myself mentally wishing harm on people I think are being rude or awful–the guy that grunts and drops his weights at the gym, for example–but I’m generally kind. I’m even getting into fewer fights with Trump supporters on social media; that could be because I’ve rid myself of all my Trump-supporting friends. Hey, if you don’t care enough to not vote for a man that hates me and all my gay/female/non-white/immigrant/poor friends for existing, I don’t care to have you in my life–whoops, that last sentence wasn’t very nice. Like I said, work in progress.

2. Eat less sugar. I’m doing GREAT here. Nightly desserts and daily treats have dwindled down to occasional indulgences, and I find I’m able to resist purchases of sweets (which means I’m not EATING sweets).

3. Move more. Doing great here, too. I was sick yesterday, but back again today. I’ve managed to get to the gym at least three days each week.

4. Read. Not so great here. I’m still trying to get through Anna Kendrick’s memoir, and it’s an easy, breezy read. Will work on it.

5. Write. Not so great here, either. Work has been super busy, so I’ve been neglecting my fiction writing.

6. Do more stuff. Pretty good here. We just went to a historical presentation about Alexander Hamilton at the Newberry Library last night.

7. Create more stuff. Doing well here, too, but I need to ramp it up if we’re going to have a table at the craft fair we’re hosting for Planned Parenthood. Which brings me to 8 & 9:

8. Give more, and 9. Fight more. I’ve donated more to organizations, am organizing an event that (hopefully) will raise a few hundred ducats to fight for women’s reproductive freedom, and I’m signing and posting and calling and working my ass off. It’s impossible to do EVERYTHING, but it’s not that hard to do a little SOMETHING, every day.



Writer, drinker, arbiter of sarcasm.

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