Music makes the people come together


I’ve spent a lot of time writing and thinking and worrying and FREAKING THE HELL OUT about politics lately. I think it’s understandable, since Trump has spent zero time working to bring the world as we know it crashing down around us. Just thinking about the list–a woman’s right to choose, education, the environment, public parks, LGBT rights, our membership in the United Nations, our relationship with longtime allies like Germany, etc.–makes my tummy feel like it’s full of angry scorpions.

The day’s only about half over and I’ve already done a few things–donated, joined the Planned Parenthood Defender brigade, penciled in an anti-PP counterprotest, actual paying work, and a few random household tasks. That’s something to celebrate–it calls for a dance break. Here are 10 songs I highly enjoy that make me want to get up, move my feet and shake my shapely butt.

PRO TIP: The above give of Jemaine Clement syncs up to whatever song you’re playing. Try it with the below clips.

Garbage – “Cherry Lips”

Adele vs. Britney – “Rolling in the Deep End”

Janelle Monae – “Tightrope”

Gossip – “Heavy Cross”

Monie Love = “It’s a Shame (My Sister)”

The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”

Heart – “Barracuda”

Luscious Jackson – Nervous Breakthrough

Bjork – Big Time Sensuality

Robyn – “Konichiwa, Bitches”



Writer, drinker, arbiter of sarcasm.

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