Couldn’t-a said it better myself


I have zero respect for Donald Trump. He’s inherited everything good he’s ever had, and he’s managed to either lose or completely bork up about 90% of it, leaving him to run a con game spanning state and international boundaries to get some of it back.

Until he launched his absolute farce of a campaign, I could choose between laughing and ignoring his sorry ass. His escapades annoyed me, but they didn’t affect me. I could change the channel, turn the page, or scroll past whatever nonsense he was spouting. Not my problem.

Not anymore. His foolery has gone from silly stunts to bullshit that could, quite literally, ruin the entire planet. I don’t plan on being part of the Get-Along Gang like all the sore-winner Trump supporters are cajoling Democrats me to be. If I had the slightest bit of faith that he won’t completely ruin the whole country if given even a millimeter of slack, I might ease up on him, but he’s demonstrated that he has no interest in easing up on me, Blacks, Latinos, the disabled, the poor or anyone else in the country who isn’t a rich white man.

The good news is, the bastard has a week spot–unlike Obama, Trump has zero sense of humor about himself. Say one word against him, especially if it’s ridiculing one of his many soft spots, and he completely loses his shit, and he feels the need to defend himself against the change, almost always by insulting the person or people lobbing the goop at him. If he’s tweeting SNL IS UNFUNNY AND ALEC BALDWIN IS A LOSER, he can’t be making horrible policy decisions, threatening to hit our allies with huge tariffs, or trying to start World War III with Ghina.

Luvvie Ajayi gets it. The New York Times bestselling author of the amazingly brilliant and pants-wettingly hilarious I’m Judging You wrote this post about how to artfully and effectively stick it to Trump at every turn, and it is smarter and funnier than anything I could write about the subject, so here–you read this and laugh at it, and I’m gonna go have a snack or something.


Writer, drinker, arbiter of sarcasm.

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