Reasons to resist


Ten days from now, the country we spent more than two centuries building will be handed over to a man who’s never held political office–who’s never worked a day in his life, really–and there’s a lot of reasons to be scared. Everyone in his cabinet is openly anti-gay. Almost every person on his team is a billionaire, or at least a very comfy multi-millionaire. None of them seems very interested in making this country a better place for anyone but hateful rich people like them. I asked folks in an informal Facebook poll two questions–one I’ll share here, the other tomorrow.

The responses to the first question include a lot of very thoughtful and on-point comments. One of the people who answered is a hilarious, award-winning stand-up comic, but her answer was anything but chuckle-inducing. I mean, it included the word “Machiavellian,” for fuck’s sake. This is serious, people!

What about the new POTUS and administration worries you the most?

Teresa F: His lack of planning, insistence on ignoring intelligence or coherence makes him very unpredictable and therefore a serious hazard to global peace.”
Helen LR: “The post-fact mentality that prizes ideology over reasoned discourse. The lack of graciousness and diplomacy shown by PEOTUS and how politicians appear to be looking the other way. The heightened atmosphere of racism, sexism, and intolerance that is a direct result of his actions. The lack of political experience/willingness to throw away precedent for a profit motive in the new administration that may embolden U.S. enemies. Conflicts of interest.”
Mary C: “One of my biggest fears is suppression of free speech and dissent, and the delegitimization of mainstream media that we’re seeing right now.”
Rebecca K: “Bigotry.”
Robin R: “Lack of transparency, i.e. reduced journalistic information; reduced freedom, i.e. potential for stop-and-frisk-type oppression; also loss of important programs–SS, healthcare, etc.
Tori B: “He tries to counteract his insecurity with uninformed overconfidence. The end result is a guy who doesn’t understand the limits of his knowledge, and won’t admit it. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. That makes him dangerous and easy to manipulate.”
Lori K.: His lack of historical perspective around international diplomacy that leads to hostile responses from other countries.
Shane M: “ I worry that making America great again means putting women back in the kitchen. Women have fought so hard to get where we are and our new elected officials seem very against this. Also, abortion rights concern me.”
Amanda C: “His absolute failure to grasp the subtleties of diplomacy.”
Ed S.: “Healthcare, and dismantling the ACA. I directly benefit from it, and we know many other who do also. I may literally have to leave the country.”
Anne M: “He doesn’t have this country or its citizens at heart. He is just using the position to advance himself and his business.”
Cathy L.: “The assemblage of a group of what I consider Machiavellian, in many cases, and ignorant in others, individuals in a cabinet whose motto is likely, ‘First do harm.'”
Cresta WJ: “I worry about his out of proportion responses to any hint of criticism, and his inability to see the big picture with regards to the best interest of the country.”
Vicky R.: “War, both foreign and domestic.”
Daniel L.: “His constant lying.”
Rachel GD: “First and foremost, I was so repulsed by his Access Hollywood ‘hot mic’ that I can’t take him seriously as a leader for any woman, and I hate when people tell me that I should watch the inauguration and have some respect for the person taking the highest office in the land and BS, BS, BS. No, I don’t have to show someone any respect who has made it clear that he thinks it is appropriate to grab me by my genitals purely on the criteria that he is rich and famous. The second part of this follows: given his complete disrespect of women as human beings, and given that I am a women’s healthcare provider, I worry greatly about what sort of impact his policies and SCOTUS appointees will have on access to contraceptives and abortion access.
Tracy C.: “The US government is being converted into a full-service, fascist kleptocracy in the model of Putin/Russia, and we must resist.”

Funny you should say that, Tracy–the good news is, most of the people who answered also already have firm plans in place to push back against what they rightfully view as a dangerous (and, in come cases, potentially deadly) administration. More on how they plan to fight–and how you can help–tomorrow.



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