This post is about doing more to help people in need (one of my 2017 resolutions). I am going to start out by showing you a photo of a puppy trying to drink a beer. You’re welcome.

I did a little in 2016. I regularly bought a paper from Lisa, my StreetWise vendor. I started a fundraiser for Feeding America, to help collect dough for hungry men, women, children and seniors. I gave money to random charities and people. One of my favorite things: I had a $50 VISA gift card that I’d received in a trivia contest, and no idea what to spend it on. As I was standing in line at Target staring at the thing, I overheard a couple of women talk about how the carts full of baby items they were purchasing were for a friend who was at that very moment picking up her first foster baby. I took that as a sign from the universe that the new instant mom was meant to hand it, so I gave it to her friends, so they’d have one more thing to give to the woman who was about to have her life turned upside down in the best possible way.

I’m not bragging. It did feel good to do those little things–but sadly, “little” is the operative word. Every little bit counts, but there’s so much need in this country, especially in a city like Chicago, that everyone could always do a little bit more. This year, I’m going to give more. Not just money–time, too. If you know of any volunteer groups, let me know–and let me know if you’d like to join me.



Writer, drinker, arbiter of sarcasm.

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